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Are you the authority on your key words?  It's time for you to prove it! Teach the world what you know and you will be rewarded.


    What would Google do?  Google’s moto: Don’t be evil.  If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you and I.  So when we write,  when we work, when we sell, when we whatever.... we do no evil.  I never understand people anxious to take advantage of others.  It seems like the same amount of energy or less to to do what is right.  I have many times finished a job to perfection rather than worry about how I could make more money.  

    What can Google do for you? The beautiful thing about Google is the free or cheap information you can obtain by using Pay Per Click (PPC).  Do you know what people typing to find your site?  Years ago, you might have paid a lot of money to know what your key words were, but these days , Google simply tells you what phrases people type.  Google keyword tool is excelent.  You type a single word or a short 2 or 3 word phrase and you get all the related words and the local or global search volume for those words.  Now take these words and teach the world what you know.  

    What else can Google do for you?   This is a real life battle over words.  The battle to own and control, to posess, dominate, and mantain your keywords.  This age in which we live is much like the Oklahoma land rush or buying 1-800 numbers early on.  I love to buy domain names with phrases people actually type, like "" or "" (the hyphens  These phrases are worth real money to those who sell steel or welding.

    Now what do I do?  Click here ------> SEO

    Search Engine Optimization Number One... What else is there?  No one can promise you the top spot on any search engine, but being number one can be achieved in dfferent ways.